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By Spectrum Pediatric Group
August 20, 2014
Category: Pediatric Care
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August is Immunization Awareness Month. Get involved, raise consciousness and insure your child’s health.
Nothing’s more important that the health of our children. While we do everything we can to keep them happy and growing strong, there are certain diseases that can affect our children if we don’t ward against them. Immunizations are key to keeping our children safe and have proved to protect children from 14 different diseases before they even turn 2 years old. Since August is Immunization Awareness Month, we think it’s important to shed some light on what you can do to promote vaccine awareness. Whether you’re a parent, a community volunteer, a teacher, or a medical professional, there are tons of ways you can promote the value of childhood immunizations.
Communication is key, and the same holds true when it comes to awareness. Talk to friends (both parents and non-parents), colleagues and family members about the importance of vaccines. While it’s obvious that children should be getting the recommended immunizations, it’s also important that adults do too.
If your child is attending summer camp, talk to camp counselors to see what they are doing to keep kids healthy and ensure that other parents are keeping their little ones vaccinated, as well.
Encourage those around you and within your community to get a flu shot each year. The flu still kills approximately 36,000 Americans each year, according to the CDC. With offices and schools a common breeding ground for bacteria, it’s important that both children and adults have all the necessary immunizations to protect them from infection.
If you’re a teacher, community worker, or parent, invite a nurse or doctor to speak to parents about the importance of vaccinating children. With the increase in news topics regarding child immunizations, parents have a lot of questions. Offer a welcoming and open forum for parents to come together with medical professionals to discuss getting their children vaccinated. You can also create a community event and invite families and neighbors to join in on the discussion.
However, first and foremost, the best way a parent can protect a child from these conditions is by following your pediatrician’s recommended immunization schedule. Call our office if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s immunizations. We would be happy to answer any questions you have.